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 Rihanna - We Ride

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Kayıt tarihi : 26/01/09
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MesajKonu: Rihanna - We Ride   Çarş. Ocak 28, 2009 5:52 pm

ride when we ride we ride
it's til the day we die
when we ride we ride
it's til the day we die

it's real late
bout a quater to 1
thinkin about everythang
we become
and i hate it
i thought we could make it
but im ready to scratch this
just wanna forget about it
i saw the pictures
and the letters she sent
u had me thinkin
u were out we your friends
im so foolish
hate me like im stupid
cuz i thought it was just u and i (oh)

that's how i think after all the time
we spent in love
i see it in my mind
playing over and over again
its far and out
u got me breaking down
and i just can't figure out why
but this is what u say

(nakarat x2)

visions in my mind
of the day that we met
u showed me thangs
that'll never forget
took me swimming
in the ocean
u had my head up in the clouds
make me feel like im floating (yeah)
u think im playing
when u now its the truth
nobody else can do it
quite like i do
all my kisses
and my lovin
but aint nobody
better than us

(nakarat x2)

i guess its over
and definitely
but u and i know
its not that easy
to let go
of everything (everything)
and start all over again
just bring this up cuz u blew it
i wont forget how u do it
sweet baby
this is where the game ends now somehow
might not believe u and me
we can figure it out


u finna make me say boy
i wish that u come hold me
when im lonely
when i need someone to talk to
u would phone me
just like everything its on me
(when we ride we ride it's til the day we die)
boy u forgot about the promises
u made me
and now we'll let the memories
just fade away
but i remember
what u used to say
(when we ride we ride it's til the day we die)
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Rihanna - We Ride
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